new stuff

I’ve added a few new things to the project pages. Please check out the new skirts/dresses and scarves.

-The girl with pigtails

whomp, whomp, whomp …

Wow, I really haven’t been active on here at all. Well that should and needs to change ASAP. I have a few new projects done, and finally got a new camera, so pictures should be coming soon.

Life got in the way of my knitting endeavors!

-The girl with pigtails

Come on in, make yourself comfortable

I am just so happy I had a few visitors and followers. This is really amazing. I also really would like to encourage everyone to leave comments. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome; or even if you just want to say hello. Please do so! This blog is meant to help me improve my knittings but is also a way for me to be part of a wonderful arts and crafts community. I am truly looking forward to meeting like-minded people and to learn from much advanced knitters and crocheters (and any other arts and crafty skill for that matter).

Can’t wait to hear from you!

-The girl with pigtails

New projects

I’ve added a few more pictures of clothes to the respective pages. Please check them out.

Happy knitting.

-The girl with pigtails

Sun is shining ….

It’s beautiful outside and I cannot wait to lounge by the pool and getting some needle work done. Anyone doing the same? I have big plans for Memorial Day. I’m gonna try this new pattern I found. Maybe C will get a new cute outfit out of this endeavor! Or maybe even one of the big dogs. G, L, you guys hear that?

Wishing everyone a wonderful Memorial weekend.

May the yarn be always with you!

-The girl with pigtails

Why knitting makes me happy!

Just thought I should talk a little about why knitting makes me happy, which by the way is not something that I would have said when I was in my teens and my mom thought I should learn how to knit. I remember her saying ‘you are now of age to learn how to knit’ …. what does that even mean? of age? …. Anyhow, she thought I should knit pot holders, and I think I made it 2/3 through and gave up because it seemed the most boring activity a teenager can imagine. Thinking about this now, I wish I would have stuck with it (yes mom, you were right). Imagine all the outfits I could have already made.

But to get back to why I now love knitting. Right now, I cannot imagine anything more relaxing, then to sit next to my husband watching a movie and knitting a scarf for a friend or crocheting a blanket. It’s amazing to create something so useful right in front of my eyes, and I am the one making it. I have creative freedom ( no mom telling me knit 1, purl 1, knit 1, purl 1) and I am trying new patterns and shapes and I am successfully completing them. I finally even learned how to read patterns developed by others (yes, that was self-taught ***proud***).  Crocheting I learned from a dear friend, and I find that it allows me to make up things as I go even more than knitting (and it is faster –  big plus!).  Given that I am such a science nerd, I truly appreciate doing something else aside from reading research papers. I sit in front of a computer a good amount during the day, and knitting/crocheting is just the right stress relief … working with my hands … and being creative … producing usable things … .

Making cute little outfits for dogs just makes me plain and simple happy. Is that weird? Maybe, but I don’t care! :)

What do y’all love about knitting?

-The girl with the pigtails

Hi there!

Welcome to my humble little website about dog clothing. All designs are unique, handmade with love, and either knitted or crocheted or a combination of the two. My inspiration are my three dogs:



and C.


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